After you buy weed online, you have to store it properly to retain its freshness. Fortunately, the do’s and don’ts are quite simple when to come to storing weed. However, depending on your geography, aesthetic style, budget, and living arrangements, the guidelines can differ.  

For weed, there’s no expiration date. It can last for long periods if properly stored and correctly aged. Here are a couple of tips to keep your weed tasty and fresh.  

Store Separately  

You have to utilize separate containers if you’ve got more than one strain to store. Every strain has its own special properties. Storing the strains in their own jar is the ideal way to keep its unique properties.  

Size Matters 

You should consider how much marijuana will be in the jar when choosing the ideal jar. You do not have to utilize an over-sized jar for a tiny amount of weed since you’re enabling more oxygen in. You should try to complement the container with the volume of the weed that you want to store. You should try using small jars as you use your stash.  

Don’t Utilize the Freezer or Fridge 

Do not store your weed in the freezer or fridge. The humidity and temperature changes are too much for weeds. You can make the buds brittle if you freeze it. This will break off the THC-rich trichomes. This will leave you with weak weed.  

Humidity and Temperature 

 You have to store your weed in a dark and cool place ideally. The best temperature is around 70 degrees. Mold can become a problem if it gets more than 70 degrees. You also have to consider humidity. However, it’s a bit more difficult to control. The general rule is to store your marijuana at around 60% humidity. You might encounter issues with mold if the humidity is more than 65%. 

Keep in a Cool Dark Place 

The only disadvantage of clear glass is that it lets light in. This can damage your weed. Thus, you have to look for an area, a drawer, or a cupboard in your house that stays dark throughout the day. The jar might sweat from the interior side if it gets too warm from the sun. This can put your weed at risk for mold.  

Use Glass 

Your ideal option is to use airtight glass jars. Mason jars are one of the best containers since you can simply find them around anywhere. Your weed will stay consistent with glass. Unless you open it and enable oxygen to enter, nothing gets out or in of the jar.  

Nothing goes out and in when you store things inside the glass. What you place inside a glass jar stays the same. In addition to that, glass doesn’t generate a scent. Thus, you won’t have to introduce various smells to your weed.  

Don’t Use Plastic 

If you’ve got several nuggets inside a plastic, you are not storing it properly. You might crush your buds inside it and you’ll get rid of the potent trichomes